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It’s nice to meet you

The people at work and myself are a  varied bunch of gratifying mobile hair and makeup gurus located in Seattle, WA and our team is very thrilled you are here. Our team are experts in showcase glam for a glitzy bride that desires to enjoy the look for ever!
My group is impassioned with detail and a requirement for quality. Our ambition is to provide that you are groomed and sure as hell gracefull!
My gang have studied amoung the best and carry the aptitude and intelligence to develop your glam visage to reality. My team fight to maintain an experience that teaches you, but together, to administer the impeccable style that makes the bride feel beautiful, upbeat, and Photogenic.
Whether you are looking for a natural style, look like a rockstar, or to wow the husband, you met the right people..

Our beauticians come from highly cultivated knowledge. We are excited to outfit diversity to Bellevue community. If you need our team and need to know more view our site.
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