About HWO

The Word Tayyab means Clean and Halal literally means Permissible and Lawful. HWO want to ensure the General Public and Muslims in this country to avail the right product under the Quranic Verses. O mankind! Eat and drink all that is Halal (lawful) and Tayyab (wholesome and pure)... Al - Qur'an II: 68 "O you who believe in the Oneness of Allah, eat of the lawful things that we have provided you with and be grateful to Allah, if it is indeed He whom you worship. Qu’ran 2:172

HWO is an independent, not for profit, registered charity organisation number 0976 6780, who authenticates, endorse, Certify, and monitor the Halal Products to safeguard the consumer protection act and obey the Trading Standards Laws in this country.

HWO is very keen towards the consumer welfare after having extensive research on meat, poultry, bovine, confectionery and consumer products etc.

Regarding the misleading attitude by the outlets including the supply chain in terms of weight (scale) fraud, mixing of Halal and Haram, not following the Trading Standards Regulations, Health & Safety Regulations and the handling of meat and poultry, HWO is seriously concerned to mitigate and deliver a promising and trustworthy solution where a consumer cannot be cheated easily by the outlets.

HWO is very Proud to be the only Organisation among the whole Muslim Ummah to offer a Free Membership and Certification/Endorsements to the Slaughter Houses, Retailers, Butchers, Restaurants, Takeaways, consumer related Industries and Pharmaceuticals.

HWO slogan is: Strictly "NO Stunning" on Meat and Poultry. Refuse Certifications on Consumer Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals if audit findings are against the Halal Compliance or specification.

HWO received tremendous moral support from the members of Public including renowned Scholars, Mosque, Retailers and various other organisations for our charitable cause.

HWO holds very strict and Zero Tolerance Policy over the slogan of Tayyab and Halal Certification/Endorsements and the sensitive areas like cross contamination and animal cruelty.

HWO want to make sure that all Muslims can get the Tayyab & Halal Food in this Country.

HWO want to implement the Halal Manuals by their Inspectors/Auditors from farms to shops in order to achieve their Aims & Objectives.

HWO expects from all sources (Slaughter Houses, Butchers, Restaurants, Takeaways, all the concerned Consumer related Industries and Pharmaceuticals.) to co-operate and actually understand the Golden Concepts of Tayyab & Halal.