A.1. There is a myth that stunning method is only use to reduce the pain of the animal, however, Stunning method is only used by the slaughter houses in order to cope with the volume of mass demand of meat and poultry. In fact, the research has concluded that Stunning Method is more painful and very stressful for the animal before it has been slaughtered. The right way to slaughter an animal is to use a very sharp knife which is not painful according to the islamic law. At HWO we take Animal Cruelty very seriously and our aim is to make sure that the Animal is taken good care throughout the entire process and Slaughtered in accordance to shariah law as they are after all giving their Sacrifice to feed us Humans. Research link to be added!!!!

A.2. Halal in Shariah means Permissible, and Tayyab means pure and clean.

A.4. The Major Defactos of Mechanical Slaughtering are as follows:

  • Decapitation
  • Animal not fully conscious
  • Possibility that animal may die before Zabiha
  • Cardiac arrest may occur
  • Fractured bones and intentional act of injury
  • Due to not fully consciousness of the animal, the blood does not drain through the body thoroughly and the blood congeals in arteries and body tissues.
  • The mechanical methods has been established for achieving the economic objectives and not for the animal welfare.
  • No authentic research can prove that mechanical methods are the most suitable method for slaughtering.

A.5. Scientifically it has been proved that Pork meat is not healthy for consumption, link video attached: According to the Biblical Books, book of Leviticus, Chapter 2, Verse 7 - 8, Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 14 Verse no. 8, Book of Isaiah, Chapter 65, Verse No. 2 - 5 the consumption of Pork is strictly prohibited. Further, according to the Holy Quran 2:172 & 173, 5:3, 6 :145, 11:68, 16:115 the consumption of Pork is prohibited.

A.6. Iman in Islam is purely based on beliefs and the command of God which is the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Halal Food has proved in the modern days that this is the only pure, clean and healthiest way of living. The demand of Halal food is Globally increasing day by day. Malaysia and Dubai became the two largest Halal Hub in the world. Due to the increasing population of the Muslim community, there is a great economic opportunity to establish the Halal industry gateway within the desired dimensions.

A.7. As a consumer, enquire the endorser’s logo and a valid certification date . Check the batch and the source of the product. Always cross check the scale at home.

A.8. It is the most pure and Tayyab source of Nutrition where Muslims and Non Muslims both can benefit. Particularly talking about Cattle and Poultry Farming it promotes the concept of animal welfare, their upbringing, their feed and their living.

A.9. Get in touch with Defra and the concerned authorities to discuss the possibilities.

A.11. Absolutely, you have the right to question with the outlet if the certificate is not displayed.

A.12. Contact Trading Standards, with full facts and figures and keep records of all your communication with Trading Standards for follow up.

A.13. It is a technical area where you have to be careful about. Where there is no endorsement for Halal by any certified body then read the ingredients and Google it to identify the Haram ingredients.

A.14. In order to refrain and avoid from unlawful products according to Holy Quran.

A.15. Yes, without any hesitation.