Courses Offered

HWO is very proud to Offer the Courses for Halal & Tayyab, Food Safety Handling in Association with the Royal Society of Public Health as a Charity Organisation. Through this course we aim to promote and aware the General Public and Consumer, Manufacturer, Supplier and Misc. Outlets in order to fully understand the concept of Halal and the compliance.

  • 1. Understanding the Concepts of Halal & Tayyab.
  • 2. Food Safety for Halal Food Handlers.

(Certificate will be awarded by The Royal Society for Public Health).

Not only is this Certification, HWO objective to introduce the modern and scientific research and development over the health compliance.

HWO is very proud to introduce this course on a regular basis and aim to make no profit over the certification, except a nominal registration fee in order to appoint a registered trainer for the designated course.

Courses can be booked online.